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Mark Fedorov
Mark Fedorov

The Ultimate Review of Best Audiophile Voices Collection 2012: Why You Should Download this Compilation of Female Singers

the art of audiobook narrating is a comprehensive collection of the best resources available for new and aspiring audiobook narrators. youll find guides to the industry, audio and reading sample tracks, and a wealth of resources to help you learn about the craft of narrating. written by the industry insiders who know the most about audio book narrating, this anthology provides a wealth of information on everything from voice casting to audiobook production.

Best Audiophile Voices Collection 2012 Torrent downlad russisch wei

we all have great stories to tell. whether youre a new author, a veteran writer, or a seasoned storyteller, the art of audiobook narration can help you create an audiobook that will captivate your listeners and delight them with your voice, your story. im pleased to announce the next audiobook anthology, the art of audiobook narration vol. 1: beginnings, published by flabbergast audio/audible, inc., is now available. in this new collection, the best of the best in audiobook narrators tell you exactly how to get your audiobook started right and avoid the common pitfalls of audiobook production.

tristan's grandmother, dorothy pankey, is a golden voice, well known for her narration of the best-selling books by roth and landers. her vocal style is very similar to the man she often works with, tristan gerard, making them a perfect pair. pankey plays a variety of characters, from eccentric to femme fatale, and covers the full spectrum of emotion, from the happiest to the saddest. the collection includes such books as the witch of pig stone creek, the seat of the soul, the narrative of the life of the apostle john, and the lord of the rings.


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