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Herkese Açık·23 arkadaş
Sharon Mayfield
Sharon Mayfield

NeorageX 5 4 186 ROMS: The Best Collection of Neo Geo Games for PC Emulation

if you search in the internet search engine for neo geo roms you can find the archive to download easily. the roms for the neo geo are of good quality and a lot of them are so that they perfectly preserve the looks of their original games.

NeorageX 5 4 186 ROMS

from the neo geo archive we have the neo geo roms archive . it is very similar to the one from neo geo roms (international) but by differences, the files are different with the name of the games and the filter options of the roms. in addition, the regular neo geo roms (international) archive only has japanese games. for a more complete and international archive has been replaced.

unlike mame, ngmame does not load roms from the iso file, you need to choose roms in ngmame first. if you choose roms by "load" (instead of choosing one by one in the "roms" folder), you need to choose the "neo" as "neo - fba" in ngmame's "disks".

i've just downloaded the neo geo core that i want to use with the games and have put all the test roms in them slots, but whenever i try to launch one of the games the emulator just sits there and i get no loading at all, can someone please give me some clue as to why this is happening. my other games are all running like a dream so its not like i dont have a decent system and while i realize that there may be some checks for best compatablity etc., i haven't found any yet. any ideas?

i have a new question for the neoragex romulators users who are reading my post. since i have some doubts about this emulator, and i have never used the wipeout series, i was wondering if these wipeout roms are really compatible with this emulator. thank you for your attention.


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