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Sharon Mayfield
Sharon Mayfield

Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 For Mac Os X

Having reviewed the Ultimate Bundle, I was impressed with the original Edward and wondered if these two Ultimate packages could live up to their name. Ultimate is a jump in price from the original foleyart instrument but it is a completely different animal. You do really need both of these to do the full job and Tovusound has recognised this and offer a bundle which saves you $100. As well as the foleyart instrument there is Edward Extended which is similar to Ultimate but only has one deck and not as many samples.

Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 For Mac Os X

Nectar 3 is also bundled with iZotope RX 8 Breath Control, which is designed to intelligently detect breaths in dialogue or vocal recordings and automatically suppress them, saving invaluable time in the comping and prep stage of vocal editing.

I have a problem with the grib plugin.When I open it, I choose a grib file - it doesn't mater which one, coming from Xygrib or download from Saildocs, it is the same, I cannot see the content of "wind" and "waves" direction windows and the end of "pression" window is truncated. But if the cursor is out of the grib zone all the "N/A" in the windows are completely visible. If you copy all the small window of wind direction, wave direction or pression (truncated) and past them in a text editor, all the numbers are present. So it seems that it is only the display which is not good. I have try to change the font and color of the console", it the same.I have try to make a fresh and new Opencpn 5.6.1 installation by suppressing all opencpn directories and occurrences in the System File and all hidden files in my home directory. I have done no setting in the new Opencpn installation, just enable the grib plugin. It is the same.

But hey, OpenCPN comes with tidal info, so how nice would it be to replace the diamond with a small arrow, to indicate the (tidal) current. I do know that for the US there are harmonic tical currents available, but those are (to my opinion) far to much screensize and they have the technical limitiation of having only 2 directions while in reality (see screenshot) there are far more directions.

"There are several issues not conforming with Apple guidelines.- In /Contents/Frameworks I see symbolic links for the wxWidgets dylibs. Why? That is unusual.- In /Contents/Resources I see 2 folders for german language files: de.lproj and de_DE.lproj. Why? This is also very unusually.- In /Contents/SharedSupport/plugins/ there are supplemental data files for plugins. It is not preferred by Apple guidelines to keep such files in the app bundle. They should be either in /Library/Application Support/OpenCPN/ or better in /Library/Preferences/opencpn/plugins/ where I keep them in my own OpenCPN version.- The file /Contents/Info.plist contains importand informations to run the app by the operating system. However most informations I see there in the official OpenCPN version are missing or wrong. This is also a possible reason the app crashes at certain maschines."

On the other hand openCPN handles its own tital diamonds (iow if they stem from a harmonics file) quite nicely. I wonder if one could use the data provided in the osENC charts to do the same, especially as harmonics data are not easily available e.g. for the German Bight and also grib files to substitute the stream information are available in the area for only two days in advance.


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