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Sharon Mayfield
Sharon Mayfield

[S1E18] The Career Day !!LINK!!

The episode begins with Future Ted telling his children of a saying his mother used and which he agrees with: "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m." He then goes on to say that when Robin, who was feeling depressed and alone, invited him over at 2 a.m. he should have gone directly to bed instead. Earlier in the day, she spoke at Lily's kindergarten class about her career. One of the children asked her about her romantic life and Robin felt threatened when she has to answer that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Then Barney wows the kids with his fire magic. That evening Robin's coworker, Sandy Rivers, told her that they should have sex, making it clear that he has no interest in pursuing a relationship with her. She came home, drank a very large glass of wine, and finally called Ted.

[S1E18] The Career Day


While there seems to be a chill on the tech sector with news of job losses, a career in the tech industry can be a lucrative one. Can anyone make the switch easily? What kind of skills do you need and do you have to be tech savvy in order to get in? Our guest Janani Chandran, senior product and program manager for Rakuten Asia, gives practical tips in this episode.

The job market has become much more complex as the nature of skills is changing. That's where the role of the job skills integrator can come in to help those struggling with finding careers that last. Our guest is Dr Jeremy Fox, Regional CEO of Non-Governmental Organisation, Generation, which does job training, matching and placement.

People take three-year degrees to learn about software development. But for those who are keen to hop onto a new career track, coding bootcamps are one way to fast track learning. Two young guests, Zhang Jia En and Shermaine Sng, share their journey on learning something completely out of their comfort zones.

There has been an uptick in the number of career coaches in the last few years. Who are they and how do they help untangle knots in your working life? Our guest this week is Yu Dan Shi, director of behavioral science and executive coach for digital coaching platform, Coachhub.

The gang goes to work with their parents on career day. Eric works with Kitty at the hospital, while Hyde and Fez visit Hyde's mom, Edna, a lunch lady. Donna visits her father at "Bargain Bob's" and inadvertently tells him she is embarrassed by his career. Kelso tries to understand his father's profession, and Jackie and Red bond over fixing the Vista Cruiser.

It's career day and the gang must spend the day working with their parents. Eric is surprised to see how hard his mom Kitty works as a nurse at a hospital. Meanwhile, Hyde and Fez interview cafeteria lady "Gross Edna" and their mother and son feuding ensues. Poor Michael struggles to figure out what his dad does and Donna is embarrassed by Bob's crazy promotional antics. But Red and Jackie have an unexpected bond and it was a sight to behold.

Prom night is fast approaching and Eric gets a motel room as part of his "spontaneous" plan to "do it" with Donna on the big night. When Jackie finds out that Kelso asked slutty Pam Macy to prom, she gets Hyde to take her out of pity. Fez wants to take his pretty English teacher to the prom. As for the adults, they struggle with how to respond to Midge's idea for her future career.

On a bright day in the Village Center, several children have gathered at a make-shift scene for Career Day, an event where villagers come to speak about their careers to the Unnamed Village's youth and students. Standing nearby are Sonic and Amy, the latter expressing her disbelief that Sonic was asked to speak at this event, to Sonic's annoyance.

The first speaker is Comedy Chimp (though he only just now realizes what he is attending), who elaborates on his life as a comedian and past experiences on the dangers of negotiating one's own business deals. Next up is Leroy the Turtle, who suggests the attendees should try out a career in the postal arts, followed by Lady Walrus, who advises the attendees to not work at all and instead descend from a family of wealthy aristocrats like herself. Finally, Sonic is up, although he uses his turn to boast about how he once defeated Eggman, the doctor's minions, and his Bash-up Bot. Regardless, the kids still cheer for Sonic, much to Amy's annoyance. As Sonic takes his leave, though, he hears a tapir yelling his name. Upon Sonic's inquiry, the guy admits he is not a student and that he only came to meet him before introducing himself as Mark the Tapir: Sonic's biggest fan. After an awkward handshake, the nervous Mark asks for Sonic's autograph, only to realize upon Sonic's request that he forgot paper to write on. Stopping Mark from berating himself, Sonic leaves on the note that he might get another chance later. With a sinister smile, Mark ominously promises to see him soon.

Through this podcast you'll hear directly from Ross Webb and his guests as they help you better understand Management Wisdom, including the required skills and most importantly the right mindset to help you better understand moving towards becoming an executive as you scale your team (and career).

Dave brings a really interesting perspective to Product as he often straddles the line between product and engineering. He has had a fascinating career and some of the highlights of todays podcast are:

Babies & Bathwater is a Season 1 episode of House, M.D., which first aired on April 19, 2005. House quickly diagnoses a pregnant woman, but she resists treatment because of the risk to her unborn baby. When House tries to bend the rules to get her into a clinical trial, he finds Vogler standing in his way. The dispute between them leads to a showdown before the Board of Directors, and Wilson gets caught in the crossfire. However, when House once again pulls off the impossible, Cuddy has to decide whether to risk her own career.

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