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Mark Fedorov
Mark Fedorov

Hell Lua.lua

2. Figuratively, the place of punishment hereafter; hell; o ka hewa ka waa pae i ka luaahi, sin is the canoe that lands in hell; o ka luaahi ke awa o ka make mau loa, hell is the harbor of eternal death.

hell lua.lua

Metatables are powerful. You can do practically anything with them. You can override operators, you can make custom interfaces to anything you wish, you can commit syntax crimes, they're powerful as hell. But they're not intuitive whatsoever. I guess what I'm trying to say is, they're very direct, in the worst ways.

In all of the above examples we always looked inside a longer string to find shorter matches. So pattern "hello" may be contained in a longer string like "he said hello and went away". The pattern "^hello$" matches exactly "hello" and nothing else (no preceeding or trailing characters allowed!). You could also say that we anchored the pattern at the string's beginning and end.

Some application provide shell scripts to initialize their use. Thedrawbacks of this approach is that applications would have to providescripts for each shell and there was typically no way to unload theapplication. Also users of shells other than bash or (t)csh were alsousually out of luck.

Lmod has provided sh_to_modulefile to convert scripts tomodulefiles. New in version 8.6+, Lmod provides support forsource_sh () to source shells scripts inside a modulefile.This provides several features at a cost. It means that it can be usedby all module applications and it can be unloaded. The cost is thatLmod is evaluating the shell script in a subshell extract the modulecommands every time that module is loaded. So it is typically betterto convert it once with sh_to_modulefile.

The feature of sourcing shell scripts inside a modulefile wasintroduced in Tmod 4.6+. It has be shamelessly studied andre-implemented in Lmod 8.6+. In Lmod, this feature re-uses much of thecode that implements sh_to_modulefile. This code does thefollowing when performing a module load.

When unloading or showing, the module commands are extracted from themodule table and used to unload the changes that the script caused.In other words, the shell script is only evaluated when loaded. not onunload.

Sites can dynamically build the shell script and argument string. Itis important however that this string be the same for both load andunload because this string is part of the access method to extract thecommands from the module table.

Site can also use the execute function inside a modulefile. Thisfunction add the shell script text at the end of the string that isevaluated by the shell. This execute command only makes sense if theevaluation is by the appropriate shell.

If a site wants to place the shell command first then they can use theprint() statement as this will appear first. For example, to have thescript appear before the unset environment commands then do this:

In the case of Lua, arrays/lists/dictionaries/tables are actually all the same thing - they all use this method of indexing data. If you've ever wondered how the hell Lua builds a data structure on the basis of very human-friendly things like strings, this is how.

That article made me realize that I'm in tutorial hell right now. All the time I think that I didn't learn enough in the last year, that there has to be more things I need to internalize before getting a job, that I need to feel more comfy with every topic that seems important to me.But maybe it's time to trust myself and keep going on without a teacher, I'll have to be on stackoverflow nevertheless. ;)

I agree. Furthermore there is on the web, as for any type of information, many tutorials whose intention is not to teach you or to help you learn something, but are vague copies of official documentation. The only purpose of those tutorials are to gain visibility and doing marketing... It's not only tutorial hell, it's information's hell. Just try to find the truth by myself by experimenting things. Love some tutorials though, when they are seriously built, for having a quick and general information about a thing.

[paragraph continues] Milu, Hiku takes part in a betting contest, with Kawelu as the stake, and completes her name chant. The soul of Kawelu is imprisoned in a coconut shell split lengthwise, such as sorcerers use for soul catching, when it tries to escape in the form of a butterfly. 9

The division of the world of the dead into compartments of greater or less desirability seems to have developed rather under the teaching of the priesthood as a means of political power than under that of the missionary doctrine. There is no evidence that American missionaries dwelt upon the horrors of hell to convert their hearers to seek after the joys of heaven. They were very young and very convinced and they preached to a people accustomed to tapus as the mark of acceptance by the gods. The sufferings therefore pictured in that part of the underworld ruled over by Milu, as in the chant,

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