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Landon Allen
Landon Allen

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Portable No Install Needed Free Download

For some time, Microsoft has planned to retire the Visual Basic 6 programming language, and they have tried to implement the.NET Framework as an alternative to Visual Basic 6.0. However, they haven't been able to run VB 6.0 applications on Windows 7 (with the exception of Windows 8.1), and they haven't been able to write native 64-bit versions of the.NET Framework that work on Windows 7. As a result, the.NET Framework was built as a compatibility layer, and it's continued to evolve.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Portable No Install Needed Free Download

Visual Basic 6.0 has a lot of power and is highly interactive. You can fully program and debug your code. You can integrate your applications with the Windows API. You can share Visual Basic code with other developers.

All Visual Basic 6.0 applications get compiled and ready to run when you create or open a project, but Visual Basic does a lot more than compiling your code. It helps you set up the code and the environment. Visual Basic also helps you to debug your code. Microsoft's Visual Basic.NET IDE 6.0 helps with all these things, and with code completion and other helpful IDE tools.

If you develop applications in Visual Basic, you will want to be able to include native code. This is a big part of Visual Basic, and you can do it through a library. Visual Basic also allows you to use the Windows API directly to connect with Microsoft technologies. These features are included in Visual Basic.

While the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE is no longer supported, Microsoft's goal is that Visual Basic 6.0 applications continue to run on supported Windows versions. The resources available from this page should help you as you maintain existing applications, and as you migrate your functionality to.NET.


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