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Herkese Açık·19 arkadaş
Landon Allen
Landon Allen

Slow Motion Video FX PRO V1.2.20 Cracked [Latest]

Stop motion spot from the late 80's. Joe Busam was the animator, I was the DP, Carley Anderson was the mo-co programmer and Dave Kallaher was the producer. Shot at Kallaher's studio.The set was built 3' off the floor to allow the animator's assistant to slide under the floor to help bolt down the bear's feet for each step. The floor was pre-drilled for each step and a bolt was run up thru the floor to secure the bear's foot to the floor. Allison Ahrens created the bear's fur and stuffed the bear, B.P. Taylor from Tom Scott Models built the ball & socket armature from aluminum and titanium based upon my original drawings. We utilized a primative video assist system of a VHS camcorder that fed a live image to an old B&W TV monitor. The assistant using a grease pencil would draw the figure's last position onto the monitor and would verbally tell the animator where the next position for the figure should be. We would fire a frame and erase the image and re-draw the next position!The bear at the end of the spot that winks at the camera was a separate bear which had a special eyelid that was made using model airplane servos cables and winked over a glass eye from a taxidermist!The live action of the boy was shot on 16mm, the stop motion bear was shot on 35mm with a Harrison & Harrison fog 1 filter..the flavor of that era!

Slow Motion Video FX PRO v1.2.20 Cracked [Latest]


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